ECOCoir brand coconut substrate is light and stable and is one of the best mediums for providing oxygen to the roots of growing plants. This premium product is an all-natural, organic soil amendment. We process this product with the highest quality coconut coir fiber peat made of coconut husk and extra-washed for quality results. This earth-friendly amendment has excellent water-holding and draining properties to help you grow nutritious, high quality and high performing plants. Made from renewable source & no chemical additives. Screened to uniform size.

ECOCoir brand is made from highly renewable coconut husks. It is a sustainable made from a 100% organic materials & has superior disease resistance properties with great nutrient storage and water retention (holds 6—8 times its weight in water) with a pH range of 5.5—6.5 It is extensively tested and used as an advanced alternative plant growth medium to peat moss. It is widely used in hydroponics, home gardening, commercial greenhouse cultivation, landscaping etc. Golf courses, Artificial sports fields contractors too, use it as an infill to help the turf stand upright. Erosion control projects use this unique product to prevent top soil erosion. It is homogenous, uniform in texture & consistent in application. It holds water and release nutrients in solution over extended periods without re-watering. ECOCoir brand coconut coir pith promotes strong root growth and plant vigor. Absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, thus, reducing the need for wetting agents, as it reduces the need for frequent watering without plant stress, reducing labor costs and minimizing plant loss.

Why Serendib's Coco Coir

  • Serendib's Eco Coir coco peat stimulates root growth and offers natural resistance to plant diseases
  • Uses 20 times less water than soil-based gardening
  • Acceptable EC which is suitable for plant growth
  • Your environment is sterile, which means no pesticides
  • Viable alternative to peat moss
  • Has high air-filled porosity
  • Enhances root penetration
  • 100% bio-degradable, organic & renewable resource
  • Stores & releases nutrients over extended period of time.
  • Can mix with nutrients and fertilizer according to the plant grown in greenhouses
  • Neutral in pH 5.8-6.2
  • No mulching, tilling, changing of soil and weeding
  • Saves money & harvest from weed preventing
  • Serendib's Eco Coir coir products prevent soil erosion
  • Accelerates growth of vegetation on banks and slopes
  • Pot seeding can be transplanted to the soil without root shock
  • You’ll use 50% less space of growing in coir pots
  • You can grow year-round if indoors
  • Coir twine is useful for oyster and sea squirt cultivations

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